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The term "wounded warrior" is much broader than those wounded in combat. Service members who have been seriously ill, injured, or wounded also are considered wounded warriors.

The formal Navy definition of a “wounded warrior” is any Sailor or Coast Guardsman who has a serious illness or injury requiring long-term care that may necessitate a Medical Evaluation Board/Physical Evaluation Board (MEB/PEB) to determine fitness for duty.

Navy Wounded Warrior enrollment consideration is given to those with:

  • Serious physical and mental illnesses
  • Non-combat and combat wounds
  • Injuries sustained on duty or liberty

Sailors and Coast Guardsmen may self-refer to Navy Wounded Warrior, or be referred by a family member, their command leadership or their medical team.

To learn more about enrollment, contact the Navy Wounded Warrior call center (855-NAVY WWP/855-628-9997) or email


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