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MA1 Christopher Lorenz Named Warrior of the Month

July 6, 2023 | Story by Alyssa Ross | Navy Wounded Warrior

WASHINGTON - MA1 Christopher "Chris" Lorenz has been in the Navy for 10 years. He was intending to stay in the military and progress to E-9 if he could. 

He was in Guam assigned to an Expeditionary Security Group as part of an eight-person embark team set to deploy to handle maritime security and counter operations. He was participating in a range operation, with gear being stored on a weapons trailer. 

As he waited for his turn to shoot, he gathered his own equipment, including a full combat kit, 50-caliber machine gun, and extra ammunition, which totaled about 200 extra pounds. 

He stepped off the trailer, which was about a yard from the ground, lost his footing and couldn't catch himself. He heard a pop and lost partial feeling in his leg. He was rushed to Naval Hospital Guam where they found he fractured his femur and severely damaged the surrounding tendons, ligaments, and cartilage.

Lorenz had four major surgeries on his knee with dozens of smaller procedures to offset the pain. His mobility continues to be limited and he faces chronic pain. He found Navy Wounded Warrior in 2022 and staff have been helping him during his transition process.

“Navy Wounded Warrior has helped in every aspect of my transition,” he said. “I’m still going through the IDES [Integrated Disability Evaluation System] process. I was fortunate to attend the Warrior Games Challenge in June. This program is full of individuals who have gone through similar circumstances. Bonding with these brothers and sisters really pulled me out of that slump I had convinced myself I was in. Navy Wounded Warrior and the Warrior Games has given me something to train for, put effort into and strive for!”

In the year since joining Navy Wounded Warrior, Lorenz has been an incredible advocate for Navy Wounded Warrior. He referred several of his shipmates to the program and helped educate his chain of command about its offerings and benefits for Sailors.

In his free time, Lorenz loves spending time with his son and staying active to contribute to his physical health and well being. 

Come Aboard

If you are not already enrolled in Navy Wounded Warrior, contact us at 855-NAVY WWP/855-628-9997 or via email at to determine your eligibility. Navy Wounded Warrior hosts a series of adaptive athletic reconditioning camps at naval bases throughout the country that focus on strength training, nutrition and a variety of sports. Active-duty athletes of all ability levels are welcome, with limited space for veterans. The program also involves enrollees in camps hosted by partner organizations and international competitions, such as the Invictus Games.

Follow Navy Wounded Warrior on Facebook and Instagram and keep an eye on the News & Events section of the website for announcements about upcoming camp deadlines.

Numquam Navigare Solus – Never to Sail Alone

Sailors and Coast Guardsmen may self-refer to Navy Wounded Warrior, or be referred by a family member, their command leadership or their medical team. Contact the Navy Wounded Warrior call center at 855-NAVY WWP / 855-628-9997, or email


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