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MA2 Robert Orr Named Navy Region Southwest's Navy Wounded Warrior of the Month for October 2022

October 3, 2022 | Story by Alyssa Ross | Navy Wounded Warrior


WASHINGTON – MA2 Robert Orr was named the Wounded Warrior of the month for October 2022 by Navy Region Southwest. 

Petty Officer Orr joined the Navy in 2015 as a Master at Arrms. In October 2020 while stationed at Naval Air Facility Atsugi Security Detachment, he developed an auto-immune disease after receiving an influenza vaccine. It's affected his life and career trajectory. 

The condition has made Orr extremely sensitive to heat, which has sent him into shock and break out in burning hives. He has to wear a special vest with ice packs to keep his temperature regulated. This affected not only affected his duties as an MA, it curtailed his ability to do the daily things he enjoys, from staying active and playing with his kids to cooking and sleeping next to his wife. His body could not tolerate the heat. He was medevac'd out of Japan or emergency healthcare and ultimately referred to the Medical Board after two limited duties. 

When he was stationed at NMC San Diego for TAD, Willy Baquiran suggested he reach out to Navy Wounded Warrior to guide him through the process. 

"I was nervous because I didn't know what to expect and it changed my life. I was assisted by LTJG Brianna Nelson and Ms. Ellyn Caprara.  These two amazing women and the NWW program have saved my life and I mean that." 

Navy Wounded Warrior reached out to Orr's congressperson to help get his wife and son through the immigration process with expedited service. They've connected with his healthcare providers and formed a team to help him keep track of all of his VA appointments and walked him through the Medboard process. They also assisted with resources for housing, furniture, and schooling for his family, as well as employment and social resources for his wife, who had never lived in the U.S. before. 

"The list goes on. I can't say enough about the Navy Wounded Warrior program, but I will let you know since entering to this and going through a life-changing event, this is the first time I actually feel like I am part of a family. This program literally saved my life. For anyone who feels like you don't have anybody who actually cares about you, before you give up hope, go talk to Navy Wounded Warrior. They really care about you as a person, not just a check in the box."

MA2 Robert Orr was nominated by Ellyn Caprara, Navy Region Southwest Transition Coordinator. 


Numquam Navigare Solus – Never to Sail Alone

Navy Wounded Warrior coordinates the non-medical care of seriously wounded, ill, and injured Sailors and Coast Guardsmen, and provides resources and support to their families and caregivers. Regional non-medical care providers tailor support to each enrolled service member’s recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration needs. The program allows service members and their families to focus on recovery without distraction. To date, nearly 10,000 seriously wounded, ill, and injured service members located throughout the country received assistance from Navy Wounded Warrior.

Sailors and Coast Guardsmen may self-refer to Navy Wounded Warrior, or be referred by a family member, their command leadership or their medical team. Contact the Navy Wounded Warrior call center at 855-NAVY WWP / 855-628-9997, or email


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