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YN1 (Ret.) Lorraine Currow Receives 2021 Wounded Warrior of the Year Award

YN1 (Ret.) Lorraine Currow was presented with the 2021 Wounded Warrior of the Year Award by Navy Safe Harbor Foundation, during a ceremony at the Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, Virginia on November 11, 2021.

YN1 (Ret.) Lorraine Currow is the epitome of “Cano Do” attitude, perseverance and resiliency. After injuring her back at Maritime Force Protection Unit Bremerton, Currow channeled her energy into her recovery and supporting the Wounded Warrior community. Currow exemplifies the spirit of the wounded warrior program by aggressively attacking and completing the goals outlined in her Comprehensive Recovery plan, becoming an advocate, and continually striving for progress. Despite her injuries and illnesses, she has been actively engaged in volunteering at Hope Recovery Unity. Currow participated in the 2021 Navy Team Trials, and was selected to present Team Navy during the 2021 Department of Defense Warrior Games. Now medically retired, Currow is pursuing a Master’s degree in Recreational Therapy, with the goal of helping other Wounded Warriors overcome and thrice through adaptive sports.

The Navy Safe Harbor Foundation is a non-profit organization. No Navy endorsement implied.


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