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Warrior Care Month 2021

In 2008, former Secretary of Defense Robert F. Gates designated November as Warrior Care Month. Gates declared it would be a “Department of Defense effort aimed at increasing awareness of programs and resources available to wounded, ill and injured service members, their families, and those who care for them.”

The month-long program highlights the many ways the Navy is and will continue to support wounded, ill and injured Sailors and Coast Guardsmen, as well as their caregivers and families. Throughout the month, there will be program kick-offs and events across the nation, with opportunities to share information about the programs and services available and celebrating the Navy Wounded Warrior community.

This year’s theme is “Virtual Show of Strength,” which is represented in the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional strides Sailors and Coast Guardsmen, as well as their caregivers and families, make to overcome challenges.

Throughout the month, Navy Wounded Warrior will share stories from our community, that highlight their road to recovery and personal triumphs! Check our Facebook and Instagram pages every day for a new testimonial.

Thank you to our 2021 sponsor, Semper Fi & America's Fund! No Navy endorsement implied.



Virtual Events

To RSVP for an event, email Sue Hieb at


Expressive Art

Dates: November 5, 19, & December 10
Time: 4 - 5:30 p.m. ET

November 5 - "Life in Comics"
A creative exploration of life's journey thru the use of comic strip making, with creating characters and humor.
Supplies: Markers, paper, ruler, pencils and/or pens, scissors, and glue sticks.

November 19 - "Tapestry of Life"
Storytelling through the use of the visual and written expression.
Creating a paper quilt tapestry with watercolor, and writing. Supplies: Markers, colored pencils, crayons and/or watercolor pencils, paper (preferably watercolor) and construction paper, pen and/or pencil, lined paper, scissors, and glue sticks. Other helpful items (but not required) include: fabrics, embroidery thread, needle, tissue paper, any knickknack for collaging embellishments, and fabric glue.


Mind, Body, Meditation

Dates: November 3, 17, & December 1
Time: 7 - 8:30 p.m. ET

These sessions will focus on creating conditions for your body and mind to relax and to find a sense of presence in the right here right now. We'll explore movement and supported postures that access your parasympathetic nervous system and that encourage exploration of sites of tension and sources of ease within your body.
Supplies: at least one blanket/towel or yoga mat to lay on and at least two blankets/towels to use in supported postures.



Dates: November 15, 29, & December 13
Time: 7 - 9 p.m. ET

Join us to learn, relax, and enjoy a fun way to create beautiful images using deliberate, repetitive strokes to produce amazing artwork. You will need a 3.5 X 3.5 inch cardstock or other thick white paper, pencil, and an black ultra-fine permanent marker. Other helpful items (but not required) include: a Tortilon and colored pencils.



The Department of Defense, military services, and collaborating organizations come together each November to raise awareness of warrior care resources and encourage year-round discussion on warrior care priorities. The warrior care is a mission that never ends. Professionals and Warrior Care Programs proactively support wounded, ill and injured service members during their recovery and rehabilitation on a daily basis. Navy Wounded Warrior is the Navy’s sole organization for coordinating the non-medical care of seriously wounded, ill and injured Sailors and Coast Guardsmen and providing resources and support to their families. Military adaptive sports programs provide opportunities for wounded, ill and injured service member to use sports and fitness as unique means of rehabilitation and recovery.


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