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The term “family” can mean many things: a spouse, a parent, a relative, a significant other, or a friend. However they are defined, the families of wounded, ill, and injured Sailors and Coast Guardsmen are critically important. Without their selfless dedication, Navy Wounded Warrior enrollees would not likely be so successful in their recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration activities.

Navy Wounded Warrior provides enrollee families with a variety of support services to help make their jobs as caregivers more manageable and alleviate the stress that accompanies a major life change.

Support for the Entire Family

When Navy Wounded Warrior receives word that a recovering service member is inbound, its team of experts takes immediate action, addressing issues — both large and small — families experience when a loved one becomes seriously wounded, ill, or injured. They first tackle the family’s most pressing needs, including Invitational Travel Orders, installation access, lodging, and child care. Whenever possible, they ensure those needs are met before the service member’s arrival at a medical treatment facility.

When working with a service member to develop a Recovery Care Plan, Navy Wounded Warrior makes certain their family and caregiver are included. Critical family needs – such as loss of income, benefits, and emotional well-being – are focal points of the plan and tracked throughout the recovery process.

Over time, Navy Wounded Warrior communicates frequently with families, ensuring their quality of life does not suffer while providing care for a loved one. As needed, families are connected with services such as personal financial management, spouse employment assistance, respite care information, and child and youth programs.

Numquam Navigare Solus – Never to Sail Alone

Sailors and Coast Guardsmen may self-refer to Navy Wounded Warrior, or be referred by a family member, their command leadership or their medical team. Contact the Navy Wounded Warrior call center at 855-NAVY WWP / 855-628-9997, or email


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