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Transitioning out of active service is rarely easy, and Navy Wounded Warrior – Safe Harbor enrollees and their families often face additional challenges because of their illnesses or injuries. Navy Wounded Warrior – Safe Harbor’s support does not conclude at the door of a medical treatment facility. The program offers enrollees a host of services to help ease their reintegration into civilian life and ensure they have the tools to lead rich and fulfilling lives.

The Navy Wounded Warrior – Safe Harbor Transition and Veterans Support team continues the care for wounded warriors, upon retirement, that was provided by their non-medical care management teams during recovery and rehabilitation. The support team connects them to benefits, mentorship opportunities, and employment and education.

During a wounded warrior’s transition, the support team maintains regular contact (through the Navy Wounded Warrior – Safe Harbor call center) with the veteran to address any non-medical needs that arise and to provide information about available benefits and assistance in applying for them. The support team connects with veterans once a month for one year after separation, and twice a year thereafter.



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